Cinnamon Creek Ranch

Cinnamon Creek Ranch is a hidden gem tucked away on the outskirts of Roanoke. The birth of Cinnamon Creek Ranch is the true definition of the American dream, and to achieve that you must first, be a dreamer.

Joe and Nola Musacchio transplanted to Texas from upstate New York. Happy to be leaving the snow behind, in 1982 they relocated their young family to Flower Mound, Texas to pursue Joe’s first big idea, to open a sausage factory.

In 2008, they purchased 80 acres in Roanoke to relocate their deer processing side of the factory. That’s when Joe and the guys dreamed up a great idea - to build a 3D archery range that included some real hunting situations - a first of its kind. Word quickly spread about the unique range, so Joe decided to open it to the public. This lead to the formation of Cinnamon Creek Ranch.

The next big dream was to add the largest archery Pro Shop in the country, so Joe and Nola added more courses and opened the Pro Shop doors. They eventually sold their sausage plant and focused all their time to Cinnamon Creek Ranch.

Joe shared, “Dreaming it up and making it happen is the easy part for me.” But to see that dream come to fruition meant a lot of hard work, which Joe was accustomed to.

Three years ago Joe pursued another big dream, he and Nola added an events center onto the property at Cinnamon Creek Ranch. This wildly popular event space now is host to many baby showers, bachelor parties, corporate events, birthday parties, and weddings. Joe found a way to bring archery out of the woods and easily accessible to families, corporations, and couples.

On top of that, Joe dreamed up “Couples by the Creek”, a unique date night encounter complete with dinner, archery, and dancing. The Musacchio’s experience in the food industry introduced them to some of the best corporate chefs from places like Carabas, Macaroni Grill, and more. “I love food”, Joe admits. That passion is evident in the entrees served during their Couples by the Creek events. “It’s also a place people can try archery for the first time together as a date night, and once they pull back on that string, they are hooked,” Joe said.

So what is Joe dreaming up next? A saloon! This will be added close to the creek, complete with their own locally created beverages and a gorgeous outdoor area for an evening under the stars. It will be a wonderful addition to their wedding venue. Stay tuned for updates!

Joe’s parting words for fellow dreamers: “So what if someone is ‘already dong it’, so what? Are they doing it right? Are they doing it the way you’re going to do it? You just have to chase it. If you think the idea you have is worth chasing, then do it. You have to look over there [pointing in front] because you can’t look back there [pointing behind]… there is too much dust.”

Cinnamon Creek Ranch

13794 Old Denton Rd, Roanoke, TX 76262

(817) 439-8998

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