Misson Moms; A community called to serve

For nearly a decade, Mission Moms has been tirelessly serving thousands of

Denton County families. From delivering meals to school supplies, Mission Moms

is all about serving the most deserving in our community. At the helm of this mighty ship is Kathryn Flores.

Kathryn is passionate about serving the needs of others. “My heart aches, keeps me up almost every night just trying to think of

ways we can do more, serve more!” When COVID-19 hit, Kathryn and Mission

Moms did not back down. “They are my babies,” Kathryn says. “These are

families who have seen every challenge possible prior to a pandemic, and now is

no different than our other missions.”

Kathryn knows first-hand that there are genuine, empathetic people, within the

community so good things will continue to happen, and no challenge will be feared.

Her servant mindset and knack for turning resourceful thoughts into

action are exactly what a lot of underprivileged families need right now amid the COVID19 pandemic. “As awful as the entire situation is on so many levels, you

truly get to experience the goodness in our people, the people in your corner,

and that are energized by the efforts,” says Kathryn.

Mission Moms is a Denton County-based 501(c)3 community nonprofit serving

local, deserving families throughout the year, not just in a crisis like COVID-19.

Covering nearly 26 schools and several districts, they rely on continuous

cooperation with Communities in Schools of North Texas, district liaisons,

counselors, social services, superintendents as well as local and state

government. Of the roughly 32,000 students in Denton ISD, 46% qualify for the

state-funded free or reduced meal program through the Child Nutrition

Department. Mission Moms served over 250 food bags in their Spring Break

Blessings mission just a week before the pandemic onset. They continue to

serve alongside DISD by distributing meals to low-income communities via bus

routes as well as their own “feet-on-the-street” grocery deliveries.

Every Saturday, the Mission Moms team takes their meals mobile by assembling

food bags from area donations and then goes out in the community to serve the

deserving. This community impact has been reaching over 2000 kids per week!

Kathryn shares,

“So much of our community has stepped up! It’s wild that it takes a pandemic to slow us down, maybe open our eyes and hearts a little more to those that struggle every day in our own backyard.”

To date, Mission Moms has received help and food donations from churches,

local government friends, Double Oak Town Hall, neighbors, school districts, and

local restaurants. Even with all that support, the group needs even more help as

children remain out of school and families fall on harder times through job losses

and illnesses.

“Our goal remains steadfast, teach the Servant’s Heart. I love the energy and power of good people helping in extraordinary times in my beloved Denton County. We will rise up out of this even stronger, I have no doubts.” She added.

What can you do to help Mission Moms?

Food donations drop off at Harpool Middle School Gym (back of school) 9061

Stacee Lane are accepted Monday through Friday 4-6 pm. Additionally, you can

text or message for individual porch donation pick-ups. You can also follow

Mission Moms on Facebook and Instagram or on the web for updates.

Non-perishable and pre-packaged items are always in high demand. Below is a

list of the most crucial items during this time:

  • Cereal, oatmeal, pancake/Bisquick mix

  • Peanut butter, jelly, and bread

  • Ramen noodles, mac and cheese

  • Cans of ravioli, chips, and fruit cups

  • Rice, beans, and cornbread mix

  • Rice-A-Roni and boxed pasta salad

  • Canned meat with meal kit

  • Large canned vegetables and boxed potatoes

As Kathryn looks to the future she shares, “Denton County is better than any virus and will not stop. We have met and partnered with some of the best organizations, businesses, schools, local and state government over the years and will continue to fight. We just have to do more.”

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